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Brown sugar

Brown sugar


Color ruddy, taste sweet and quality pure, it retains almost all ingredients of cane juice. In addition to the basic function of sugar, it maintains plentiful vitamin and microelement with effects of enriching vitality and nourishing blood, warming spleen and stomach. The product is widespread used in industries of foods and pharmaceuticals for delicacies, high-grade tonics and health care products



Icumsa : 45 RBU
Polarization: 99.80% Min
Ash content: 0.04% Max
Moisture : 0.04% Max
Solubility : 100% Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Colour : Sparkling White
Granulation: Fine
Sulphur less

Nutrition Facts
Phosphorous (P) 3.9 mg max
Calcium (Ca) 8.5 mg.max
Magnesium (Mg) 23 mg.max
Potassium (K) 100 mg.max
Iron (Fe) 1.3 mgmax
Total Mineral salts 740 mg.max
Trace Elements Per 1000 g
Sodium( Na) 7mg/kg
Potassium(Ka) 6885mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) 200mg/kg
Iron (Fe) 2 mg/kg
Sugar (sucrose) 68.2 %

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